Connecting to the Internet Network on iPhone 8

You need to connect to the internet network to make the most of your iPhone. You won’t be in the need of it for doing Setup Wizard only, but also along the way you use the iPhone for daily use. Fortunately, setting the internet network connection is very easy. This is the way you can follow to have your iPhone connected to other Wi-Fi networks too, besides your home Wi-Fi. Sometimes, one network can provide stronger connection that the others, so you might want to switch sometimes.

For those who already get the hang of Android devices, they must have been familiar with the procedure to connect your device to internet network. The procedure in Android and iPhone is practically similar to each other after all. Here, let us tell you what needs to be done to set the network connection so you can stay connected whenever you need internet for. Let’s just get down to it here below then to know it more.

  • Tap the Settings in your iPhone

  • Find and select the Wi-Fi

  • Choose the network to connect to

  • Type the password and Join

Once you are done setting the network connection in your iPhone, there is a way for you to know whether or not you are connected to network. A blue tick will show right next to the network name. Also, the iPhone will show Wi-Fi icon on the status bar you see at the top of the screen. If your iPhone does not show any of these clues, it means that you are not connected yet to the network. Make sure to know the password of the network you want to join for it to be successfully connected.

Staying connected to the network is handy and all. You can get the latest information possible all the time. However, it is not like you are going to use Wi-Fi even while you sleep, right? You might not use it, but your iPhone will still connect by using the mobile network of your service provider. Of course, the longer you stay connected, the more you will be charged. So, it is only right if we turn the iPhone mobile data on and off as needed.

That way, you won’t have to worry anymore about it ripping off your allowance. You don’t have to worry since there are only some steps you will have to follow to control the use of your mobile data. Just like before too, people who are familiar with Android devices should more or less know what to do to get things done. Here is the way then.

  • Select the Settings from the Home screen

  • Find Mobile Data or Cellular Data option and tap it

  • Simply tap it ON or OFF from the switch at the top

There you go. Basically, these are what you need to do to control the mobile data in your iPhone. Well, at the very least, this is the simplest way to do so if nothing unexpected happens. However, if you happen to fail in working things out the way you want it to be, there might be a need for you to deal with the mobile internet settings. It is only if push comes to shove that you will have to resort to such thing. In most cases, things work just fine and iPhone users can easily turn on/off mobile data.

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