How to Adding Email Account to the iPhone 8

Today, email account is not merely something to send and receive text message through network connection. This account is often used to create others, for games, chatting apps, etc. So, you should have at least one set up in your iPhone. If you have done it already, then it is good. Still, you can add other email accounts just in case or to use as needed. Here, let us tell you just what we should do to realize such thing. You don’t have to worry since it is not going to be too complicated to understand.

You will have everything started from the Settings even for this matter. However, you will need to select different option from the Settings menu. To make it easier to understand, we have the procedure listed step by step here below. Of course, they are easy steps to follow, so you won’t find it too much to do. Here we go then.

  • Go to the Home screen and tap the Settings

  • Scroll down to find Accounts & Passwords

  • Tap this very option and tap Add Account

  • Make choice of email provider from the list

  • Tap Other if you can’t find the intended one

The first half of the procedure mainly has you to choose the email provider of your choice. It is not the end of the procedure though. You are yet to add your email account after all. Continuing on, this is the second half of the procedure. There is a little more thing to do to finish the entire procedure.

  • Type your email address and password

  • Tap Next to add the account

  • Allow account access and provide code if needed

  • Pick your chosen service and tap Save

After that, your email address should appear in the Accounts list of your iPhone automatically. See? There is nothing complicated about adding new email account to the device. That being said, there might be cases when the email does not set up automatically. If you happen to experience the same, you should consider putting the settings in on your own. Still, it is not the case with everyone, so there is no need for you to worry much about it. In most cases, you will get things done successfully.

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