Rumors: iPhone 8 With iOS 11

Apple’s iPhone is now a decade old. The latest version is expected to be announced in September 2017 but not actually released until the end of the year, or possibly even later. The announcement will coincide with the release of the new Apple iOS 11. It is set to be the biggest change to Apple’s smartphone design since the larger screens were introduced on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The rumors suggest that the new iPhone will feature infrared-based facial recognition unlocking. This will remove the need for passcode or fingerprint unlocking. It is also thought that latest model will have an almost all-screen design on the front, leaving only a small section at the top for the forward-facing camera and speakers. It appears that Apple is also finally doing away with the traditional home button.

Rather than follow the usual naming convention andsimply calling the new version ‘iPhone 8’, there are suggestions that Apple could instead opt for ‘iPhone X’ or ‘iPhone 10’ instead.

Whatever the new name and features though, they will be important in fending off the challenge from Samsung and maintaining Apple’s grip on the smartphone market.

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