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Today, people prefer iPhone 8 than other types of Smartphone. Commonly, people who have iPhone belong to high class society because in fact the prices are higher than other kinds of Smartphone. However, iPhone can be bought by anyone because Apply presses the prices as minimum as possible so that their products can be reached by people from any social class. After people are amazed with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, there is a new hot rumor which says that Apple will launch their new product. Even though the name is still unknown, most people believe that the name will be iPhone 8. To know more about price, release date and anything else about it, you need to pay attention to this article below.

Apple iPhone 8 for 2017

We may still remember that iPhone was firstly released in 2007. After that, Apple consistently launched the newer and newer version of Apple with different name. The latest version of iPhone is iPhone 7 that comes together with iPhone 7 plus. Actually, the customers are satisfied with the latest version of iPhone. However, Apple wants to make the buyers more and more satisfied. Even more, they also want to make their products spread wider in the world. Therefore, 2017 iPhone 8 is believed to be able to attract the interest of many people in this year.

The Price of Apple iPhone 8

As we know, this future iPhone is still not released yet. If you are interested in it, you need to know the price so that you can prepare the money. However, Apple has also not given any information about their new product including the price. So, no one knows about the fixed price. However, because this future iPhone makes so many people interested and curious, there are many rumors about the price. What to keep in mind is that the price is not fixed yet so that this is only the price range.
What I can tell to you about iPhone 8 price is the minimum price. It means the fixed price may be more than this minimum price. Based on the rumors mostly we hear, the minimum of possible or estimated price for this new iPhone will be from around 850 dollars. If you compare to the latest version that is iPhone 7, the price is not too far different. It may be higher but the increased price is still reasonable considering the new features that will be offered. So, if the fixed price is not far from 850 dollars, people believe that there will be so many buyers who are interested to buy this iPhone.

Of course, we cannot only hold onto the minimum of possible price above. Because that prediction is not always right, we may need to know the predicted maximum price. It is very difficult to guess the maximum possible price that may be offered. However, if you believe in many rumors spread, the possible price is maximally around 1,000 dollars. It means the price may be less than it. However, you need to prepare 1000 dollars if you want to buy iPhone 8. Because it is not released yet until now, you still have time to earn money for it.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

After knowing the rumors about its price, it is also very important to know about its release date. Talking about Apple iPhone release date is very interesting but it is full of speculation as long as there is no valid information about it. In fact, Apple is still silent about it. So, no one knows when this iPhone will be released. This makes many people curious about it. That is why it creates many speculations and rumors.

At first, people believed that Apple iPhone 8 release date would be in the first quarter of 2017. However, until now there is no sign that this iPhone will be released nearly. So, we may expect that this new iPhone will be available in the market in the second or middle quarter of 2017. So, we can buy it soon. But there are some rumors that predict that this Apple will launch this iPhone in the third quarter of 2017. So, we need to be patient to wait for it until the end of this year. Maybe, Apple wants to prepare everything as well as possible.

What we can share about the release date of this future iPhone is only that all. We cannot share more detailed about it including the month of the release and the date of the release. So, it will be better if we wait for the official announcement from Apple. Hopefully we do not need to wait too long.

iPhone 8 at the First Glance

At the first glance, we will see that this new iPhone will come with more modern look. We still cannot talk about the specs farther because they are really still unknown. So, it will be better to talk about the look or design at the first glance. When you see it, you will directly notice that it has larger screen size that is possibly more than 5 inches. Besides that it also uses OLED display. However, when we turn it on, we will notice that it has Home button that is located at the back. It may also be integrated on the display.

Besides that, this next generation of iPhone is also believed that this will iris scanning that will be very useful. And there are still many other sophisticated features offered including the wireless charger. So, it will be simpler to bring or carry it out anywhere. You can recharge the battery more simply. This wireless charging feature also makes it more durable because you can maintain the charger more easily. And there are still many other improvements that will be offered. The changes above will certainly make many people interested to buy this mobile phone. Therefore, it can be concluded that iPhone 8 is considered as one of the most awaited phones in this year.

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