iPhone 8 OLED Screen Only for a Premium Model

September 2017 is expected to be the 10th anniversary for iPhone, this has brought along various speculations, news and rumors about the new device that Apple is expected to launch later this year. The device iPhone 8 is expected to have a glass body and edge-to-edge display. Its home button, front facing camera and Touch ID are expected to provide a great of advancement from earlier devices.

The device which is expected to have wireless charging system will also have OLED screen making is an interesting 10-year milestone for the tech giant iPhone. Apple is expected to change its norm naming which could put its next iPhone device to 7s and go straight naming it iPhone 8. Based on its norm iPhone 8 is expected to be launched in September or later this year, although there are speculations that launching may delay due to productions delays.

The glass design at the back and front of the device is expected to differentiate iPhone 8 from the rest of major Android phones. This Gorilla Glass will make it less brittle compared to its earlier device iPhone 4 and also enable the wireless charging. The is a high probability that the iPhone might divert from the aluminum frame and instead use a stainless frame. There are multiple suggestions and rumors that Apple could launch different model of iPhone 8 such as 4.7 and 5.5 inches models and use OLED screen only for a premium model. There have been a lot of speculations about the phone screen that it is going to be edge-to- edge and that there will no home button.

Other reports say that the front camera and the touch ID sensor will be integrated together which can be thought to be impossible but it is up to Apple to make the impossible possible. There are also rumors that the screen is going to be an OLED one and its edges curved like Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and a new red color could be introduced. Its processor is expected to have An I I chip and 10-nanometer structure and much smaller than previous models which will translate to much more energy efficient. Rumors have it that Apple is working hard to incorporate wireless technology in its new device but this could be easier if the rumors of its glass back are true.

Some analyst suggests that Apple could incorporate biometric security systems like facial recognition and iris scanning and the 4.7-inch device will have one single camera. Some argue that the dual camera mode might be there to get optical image stabilization but all these is a matter of wait and see when Apple finally set a benchmark this September.

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