Apple To Release 25 Million iPhone 8 By The End Of September

The iPhone 8 talk is heating up, and every day that goes by fans and users anxiously wait to get their hands on the newest phone.

When is the question!

According to multiple reports, leading analyst, Jun Zhang, Apple has been facing some minor setbacks in the production of the new iPhone 8. Earlier reports of iPhone 8 being released by September, may end up being a pipe-dream according to Zhang.

Zhang claims that the iPhone 8 is facing a setback mainly due to the TouchID feature. Zhang also noted that iPhone 8 users and fans should expect a roll out production of approximately 25 million phones. These will be released by the end of September, the report alleges.
60 million more units will be released during the fourth quarter according to Zhang. The analyst failed to mention anything new about the iPhone 7s.
Forbes released a report claiming that the price of the iPhone 8 could start as high as $1,100, and go as high as $1,200.
A report in June from Diginews claimed that Apples’s iPhone 8 was only going to release three to four million units.
The news of of 25 million units by the end of September is certainly more welcoming for iPhone 8 fans and users, than a low figure of 4 million phones being released.

The pressure has been on Apple since the plans for an iPhone 8 was revealed. For the latest news and rumors on the iPhone 8, make sure you keep it here for all of your information on the iPhone8UserManual.Com.

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