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Welcome to iPhone 8 Manual website. Today, people are thinking about a hot rumor related to the future iPhone. Some rumors say that the future iPhone will be named as iPhone 8 even though there are some other possible names that may be offered. What make people curious are what new features that will be offered. In fact, Apple always offers new features when launching new iPhone. So, people believe that this iPhone will come with many new features. Even though there is no clarification from Apple, some rumors tell that this new iPhone will come with at least 10 new features. What are they? Here are the new features predicted by most rumors.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Manual PDF

If you want to know more about your device, you can read online or download iPhone 8 manual pdf here: Printable iPhone 8 Manual PDF

iPhone 8 First Time Setup

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iPhone 8 Tutorials

iPhone 8 will come with many new features. Even though the features are not fixed yet, there are many rumors who predict those features. You can get a lot of information how to setting up your iPhone 8 tips and tricks by visiting this pages: iPhone 8 tutorials

All Need to Know about iPhone 8

iPhone 8 come with a lot of new features, hopefully the new features bellow will come true and makes many buyers satisfied. What we should do is to wait for its release date.

Front Facing Touch ID beneath the Display

From many new features this iPhone will apply, this can be considered as one of the most interesting ones. iPhone users have hoped this feature and it comes true for the future iPhone. So, it can be said that it comes to meet the buyers’ need. With this iPhone 8 feature, it can be considered as one of the most sophisticated types of Smartphone will come in this year. So, we cannot wait too long for this new iPhone.

Bezels around the Edge

To protect the body of this new iPhone, Apply applies bezels around the device edge entirely. The bezels come in 4 mm. So, it can protect your iPhone if it falls down. It functions to create more protection. So, you should not be doubt of the durability. Even though it comes with good protection, you still need to be careful when using it. Anyway, it becomes one of the most useful features that will be applied by this future iPhone. So, you need to thank to this feature.

Metal Frame

Talking about iPhone 8 design, we will see that this iPhone will come with 2.5 D of contoured glass. It is designed for the front of the device as well as the back. With this contoured glass, this future iPhone will look much more modern. It also looks much more attractive. The impressive design is predicted to make this iPhone able to attract many new buyers in this year. In addition, this iPhone will also be surrounded by a strong and durable frame that is made from metal. In conclusion, the design is perfect because it is not only attractive but also durable.

Wireless Charging

The next sophisticated feature relates to the charging. Based on some trusted rumors, this future iPhone will be featured with wireless charging. So, you do not need to connect or plug in the charger when recharge the battery. This wireless charging is really useful. It makes you easy to charge the battery. Besides that, it also eases you to maintain the charger. This wireless charging does not require cable management. Therefore, you should expect that this wireless charging really comes true on iPhone 8.

Wider Body Design

In relation to the dimension, we will notice that the next generation of iPhone will come with wider body compared to the latest iPhone that is iPhone 7. As we know, iPhone 7 comes with 138.3 mm x 67.1 mm x 7.1 mm. The next generation of iPhone will be designed in 149.5 mm x 72.5 mm x 8.6 mm. Comparing the dimension above, it can be concluded that this iPhone will not only be much wider but also taller as well as thicker. This wider body makes the future iPhone more interesting for many people.

OLED Display

It is very interesting to discuss about the iPhone 8 display. The display that will be offered by this iPhone is really sophisticated. It will offer OLED display that comes in 5.8 inches. This display is large enough and OLED can be considered as one of the best displays for mobile phone. This sophisticated display becomes the benefit for this iPhone to attract many buyers. That is why it is predicted that this iPhone will be able to compete with other types of Smartphone in this year.

Invisible Front Facing Camera

iPhone is well known with the high quality camera, not only rear camera but also front camera. Because it will come with fully display, there are many people who ask about its front camera. This iPhone will still apply front facing camera but it is invisible or hidden underneath the iPhone display. Of course it is very interesting. At a glance, you will not be able to see the front facing camera but actually this iPhone will apply it. The invisible front facing camera is not only unique but also high quality. So, you can take selfies freely.

Large Power Button

It also belongs to one of the new features that will be applied by this iPhone. It relates to the power button that comes larger. This power button is not only large but it also features 2 points of contact. We still do not know the reason why Apply change the power button to be larger. However, it certainly has benefits. So, it will be better to know wait the official announcement from Apple.

Possibly Dual Camera

In relation to the iPhone camera, there is plan B or another rumor which says that this next generation of iPhone will be featured with a dual camera. It is similar to iPhone 7 plus where it has dual horizontal camera. The difference is that this future iPhone may come with dual vertical camera. Whatever it offers, the camera will not disappoint the buyers.

iPhone 8 User Guide

Even though it is not launched yet, iPhone 8 has succeeded to make people curious. It means that this iPhone can attract many new buyers. Comes with black back frame, it still has the logo of Apple. The different noticeable look may be from the front because it will be wholly display with no button.

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